Are you programming your own website?

Are you programming your own website for your business? You are not alone. Several small businesses running their gigs from home have started web development UK without professional help.

Signing up for a free Tumblr or Squidoo account is not ideal. Small businesses have forgotten the very canons of a unique brand message, a compelling online presence and instead they are hording the money by diluting their brand value through untested channels.

Websites can have erroneous external or internal links, missing pages, deleted content, wrong codes and search engines may still have them on their index. So, every time new visitors arrive, they are led into places they don’t like.
Corporate web designer is responsible for fixing those links and leading lost customers back where they want to be. They will appreciate your efforts you make to fill in content void and bridge broken gaps. Having said, that, any web development UK expert will tell you that a complex website takes time to be rectified of its anomalies. Hence, have a contingency plan in place:
• Custom error pages
• Custom redirect pages
• Custom maintenance Pages
• Complimentary search functionality
Promotion and Conversion

Venturing to go solo on web designing and development is a daunting step and calls for good grasp of web technologies, standards and ethical processes of marketing the website. Often, juggling between developing websites and managing the real world issues of running a business, the fundamentals are lost. Here is a quick recap of corporate web design basics for entrepreneurs.
Design and Development Blind Alleys
Corporate web design has its variations. Some website are small with a couple of hundred of pages, other gargantuan, like a living organism with millions of cells and tissues making up its delicate structure. Like dying tissues, small elements of corporate website may fade off into obscurity, leading customers down a dark alley of broken links and dead alleys.

Some entrepreneurs risk stretching their good luck in corporate web design and try out the marketing part of the job as well. The result of marketing is seen in conversion. At the end of the day all the hard work is rewarded when customers arrive at the website and offer their trust and then their money!
This is another topic in itself that merits a separate treatment. Here are a few quick tips that are proving beneficial for the small business owner involved in web development UK.
1. Submit your website to Google Index
2. Create a Google Local Business listing
3. Make use of the best directories
4. Promote your website on all possible channels
Take up corporate web design only after giving due consideration to your strengths and weaknesses. Do not have costs and prices gnawing the back of your head while you decide upon something as important as designing your corporate website.

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